The Ocean Ranch

Ecologically Farmed Shrimp


The Ocean Ranch is joining a global community where conscious consumers choose to eat quality food produced with no negative impact on the earth.


The Ocean Ranch is leading the shrimp industry in Brazil. Our network of client farmers practice the most sustainable methods to producing fresh organic shrimp.

Fresh shrimp and post larvae will be available to the Brazil market in April 2021.


The Ocean Ranch is building the world's first ecological shrimp farm in Los Angeles County, California.

Our farm follows the cradle to cradle mindset and operates in a closed loop ecological system. From day one, we've meticulously recorded and offset the company's total carbon debt generated by all aspects of operations, making our shrimp the first net-zero carbon footprint seafood from farm to table.

Fresh organic shrimp will be available to the regional California market in 2022.

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